THH Titanium Heating Tube Overview

  • Virtually Unbreakable Titanium Built Heating Element
  • Out of Water Sensor Protection +Audio Alert
  • Corrosion Resistant Titanium
  • High Temp Resistant Heater Guard
  • NOTE: Must operate in water with TDS readings above 150ppm

The THH heater series is designed to be used with an external controller. WARNING: THH heaters cannot be operated without a temperature control unit! Do not plug the heater into a wall outlet!

THH heaters have an internal sensor that detects when the heater tube is exposed to the air. If the water level drops too low and exposes the heater, the power to the heater is turned off. This prevents over-heating of the aquarium, saving your prized aquarium life from harm. The heater cord has a signal box with LED status lights. Green means the heater is functioning as normal. A red light indicates the low water switch has been tripped. The heater is constructed of corrosion-resistant titanium, making it safe for freshwater and marine aquariums. The titanium tube is virtually unbreakable and features a protective heater guard to prevent aquatic life from accidentally coming in contact with the heating tube.

Maintenance: The out-of-water sensor is located where the heating element meets the cord. Always secure this portion of the heater in a more elevated position than the rest of the heater. Clean and confirm out-of-water sensor is functioning properly every 30 days. Do not use heater if out-of-water sensor is inoperative.