Safari 4W AC LED - 90°

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• High Powered 4 Watt AC Actinic Blue Spotlight: 90° tilt
• Innovative Sleek Design
• Solid Aluminum Construction
• Nationally Award Winning LED

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The Safari 90 gives users the option of having the spotlight tilted straight down or up to 90 degrees as shown. This feature is best for users who like to spot light smaller aquariums or shoot directly down their aquarium rather than across. The Safari 180 gives users the option of having the spotlight tilted 90 degrees or up to 180 degrees as shown in the picture above. This feature is best for users who like to spotlight longer aquariums with the beam shooting across the entire aquarium. Any standard E26/E27 Bulb will plug in to the Safari base. Note; the award winning LED bulb is not included unless you select the bulb option. The fixture's extendable bar and head measures about 11.5" long combined. The mounting base can be mounted on aquarium lips up to 1.25".

The Safari Light fixture is an advanced add on that serves multiple functions. Add to any aquarium to give your aquarium a velvet blue moonlight effect. Spotlight the most prized corals in the aquarium and watch their flourescents vibrate. The sleek design is both physically pleasing as well as functional. The multiple adjustable points gives users the option to set the 60 degree LED spread in the perfect position. The fixture, as well as the bulb, features a design to dissipate heat quickly. The large friendly clamp allows the fixture to be mounted on nearly all aquariums ranging from large to small. Solid built of aluminum and metal to ensure the highest quality and craftmanship.

The Award Winning blue 20,000k AC LED bulb offers superior heat dissipation and penetrates up to 75cm. The 439-457nm temperature is ideal for mollusk as well as stimulating various live stock including anemones, coral and symbiotic algea. The base of the Safari works well with all rimless aquariums. Standard aquariums with a rim, this unit will work well with all aquariums up to 55 gallons. Larger aquariums may need additional care to clip this unit to it's rim. International Award Winning LEDs Select Schuber Wright aquarium light fixtures, including the Safari, feature an International Award Winning LED true AC bulb developed via a venture in R&D between the Taiwanese Government and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. New Approach to AC LED On-Chip AC

LED lighting technology was developed by ITRI Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories (EOL). It allows AC to directly drive LED chip for lighting without the need for an DC to AC adaptor, thus saving the 15~30% power consumption that is normally lost during the conversion. When 3D cooling and insertion and removal type packaging are incorporated, the technology leads to realization of the world’s first AC LED light bulb. Besides being compatible with traditional lighting equipment, On-Chip AC LED lighting technology greatly improves heat dissipation for traditional LED. It has completely changed the traditional design and use method for high power LED packaging. Benefits include energy savings, carbon reduction and improved overall LED illumination efficiency.