Based right outside of Chicago, our company has come a long way since our origins dating back to 2001. Setting the trend with the first AIO glass aquarium and expanding the catalog with the most known titanium aquarium heater in the market. After persistent efforts over a decade, we released a LED line in 2010 which has taken our brand to a new level, basically taking over planted tank enthusiasts. Our loyal team and proven products have developed us in to the successful company that we are today. To be brief, Finnex caters to the hobbyist's needs and specializes in the research and marketing of aquatic products millions use worldwide. We don't just sell pet products, we are also pet owners / aquafinatics ourselves.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and we try to meet this goal by providing affordability on a wide range of products and by providing quality customer service to both our dealers and end users. Our team is committed to bringing customers innovative & reliable products with a high standard of success. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to do so.