The HC-0810M Finnex controller offers a precision digital control with LED digital display which maintains water temperatures at a constant level protecting your livestock from temperature fluctuations.  Easily adjustable high/ low-temperature settings with an audio alert separates this aquarium heater controller from the rest of the competition. Also setting these controllers from Finnex competitors, have ease of mind as this controller features a dual relay inter-work, doubling the protection, disabling heating in case of overheating. This advanced controller carries three prong power receptacles that work well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand's heating elements as well.  For the utmost advanced aquarium, the digital Finnex heater controller fits right in.  Please direct to the information below for further specifications.

Voltage Range Accuracy Max Load Overload Fuse Memory
100-120V 0-99°F ±2°F 800 Watts 10A Yes



The HC-0800U Finnex electronic controller is equipped with a temperature dial allowing a temperature range from 68 - 92°F. Equipped with a temperature sensor, these units soundly provide stable environments for your aquarium lives. The three prong power receptacle works well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand's heating elements as well.  For a solid  reliable heater controller without the high price costs of digital display, the HC-800U controller works wonders for all aquariums; reef and planted aquariums alike.  Please find specifications below for further details:


Range Accuracy Max Load Overload Fuse  
100-120V 68-92°F ±2°F 800 Watts 12A



The Titanium Finnex Heaters are corrosion-resistant, extending their life exponentially from saltwater damage.  Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tubes are built to last.  The ultra-heating titanium further provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium lives and eliminates temperature swings that put stress on the aquarist's livestock. These titanium heaters are suited for both uses in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Will work well with other controllers accepting 3-prong heating elements. The titanium heating element is also wrapped with a protective heater guard to prevent one's aquatic inhabitants as well as surrounding equipment.  The new THU Deluxe Titanium Series also includes suction cups to allow users to secure the titanium element in preferred locations.  In addition, these series now include a UL-Listed Japanese sourced fuse for added protection. 





Tank Size

Cord to Wall Heating Tube
THU-0300S 300 2.7 A 40-80 Gallons 59" 10.63
THU-0500S 500 4.5 A 70-130 Gallos 71" 14.57
THU-0800S 800 9.0 A 140-265 Gallons 71" 17.32

Please Note: Additional heating units may be required and discouraged from using in extraordinary setups (where warranty may be void) not limited to:  Applications outside of standard aquarium use, basement setups, garage setups, ponds, outdoor use, greenhouses, extreme temperature conditions, etc.

ATTENTION APEX USERS:  Note, if pairing our controlled heater series with an Apex controller, users must set the Finnex controller at their desired temperature and the Apex a degree higher for secondary protection.  This is to avoid damaging power spikes and unneeded relay stress on both the Finnex controller and Apex power bar components.