HC-820M Series Overview

  • 1000 Watt Max Output Load with Dual Relay Protection
  • Out of Water Sensor Protection Audio Alert
  • 1/10th Degree Temperature Calibration
  • 3 Digit Digital Display & Control
  • Over Heating Audio Alert
  • Temperature Saving Memory Protection
  • ± .5°F High Precision Accuracy
  • Temperature Steady Low Variance Technology

The HC-820M controller uses an advanced digital processor that monitors and controls the water temperature in your aquarium. The heating controller receives temperature data from the remote sensor in the aquarium. The remote sensor contains no bi-metallic contacts to arc, corrode or wear out. This allows the HC-820M to have precise control, keeping the water temperature stable while avoiding wide temperature swings common with low-quality aquarium controllers. The controller displays the current temperature, allowing you to easily make temperature adjustments on the front panel. Temperature can be adjusted by a tenth of a degree.

The remote sensor also functions as an automatic power cut-off switch. If the water level drops too low and exposes the temperature sensor to the air, power to the heater tube is turned off. This prevents over-heating of the aquarium, saving your prized aquarium life from harm or other hazards.

Maintenance: Secure the out-of-water sensor directly beneath the sensor cord clip, without any cord slack, and above the heating element at all times. Clean and confirm the out-of-water sensor is functioning properly every 30 days. Do not use heater if the out-of-water sensor is inoperative. Refer to the instruction manual for proper maintenance and care.

ATTENTION APEX USERS: The 820M is not compatible with the APEX controller series.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: For users interested in this model to heater water with low TDS levels, it is recommended to look at our options without the out of water feature. Heating pure reverse osmosis water may trigger an out-of-water alert.


The Titanium Finnex Heaters are corrosion-resistant, extending the life exponentially from saltwater damage.  Virtually unbreakable, especially in comparison with the standard glass aquarium, these tubes are built to last.  The ultra heating titanium further provides a stable temperature environment for your aquarium lives and eliminates temperature swings that put stress on the aquarist's livestock. These titanium heaters are suited for both uses in fresh and saltwater aquarium. Will work well with other controllers accepting 3 prong heating elements. The titanium heating element is also wrapped with a protective heater guard to prevent one's aquatic inhabitants as well as surrounding equipment.  The new TH-S Deluxe Titanium Series also includes suction cups to allow users to secure the titanium element in preferred locations.  





Tank Size

Cord to Wall Heating Tube
TH-0300S 300 2.7 A 40-80 Gallons 56.5" 10
TH-0500S 500 4.5 A 70-130 Gallos 68" 14
TH-0800S 800 9.0 A 140-265 Gallons 68" 16.5 

Please Note: Additional heating units may be required and discouraged from using in extraordinary setups (where warranty may be void) not limited to:  Applications outside of standard aquarium use, basement setups, garage setups, ponds, outdoor use, greenhouses, extreme temperature conditions, etc.

ATTENTION APEX USERS:  Note, if pairing our controlled heater series with an Apex controller, users must set the Finnex controller at their desired temperature and the Apex a degree higher for secondary protection.  This is to avoid damaging power spikes and unneeded relay stress on both the Finnex controller and Apex power bar components.